My Journey into Real Estate

My current Real Estate career was preceded by a rewarding career in Education. My Educational experience includes teacher, site administrator and district administrator. The majority of my Educational career was spent in rural Fresno, Tulare, and Kern counties. I bring the skills gained in this profession to my Real Estate career. I believe the ability to build relationships was and continues to be a foundation for both careers. Whether it's building a team at the school site level, sitting at the union negotiation's table, meeting that first time home buyer or negotiating a request for repairs, a strong relationship built on trust and respect is vital.

 I've always had a passion for homes probably because it was a passion of my parents. I often share, my parents flipped homes before "flipping homes" was a reality show. My mother still fondly remembers the numerous homes my parents bought, lived in, remodeled and then sold. For me, the greatest reward as a Realtor is the opportunity to meet new people, develop a relationship and share in the experience of buying or selling. It is important that my clients know I am available before, during and after the transaction. What a pleasure it is to stay in touch with my clients through notes, phone calls or visits. There is no greater complement than an invitation to a House Warming Party, an upcoming Birthday Party or to a family Thanksgiving.

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I should start by saying we probably weren't the easy family to deal with. We had pretty high expectations but not the budget to match. Kim was patient, knowledgeable and most importantly responsive. Whenever we had questions she always got back to us the same day, usually within an hour or two. Even though it took months to finally find a house that was good enough and that we could afford, she never made us feel like we were being too demanding. She'd meet us to view houses at night, in the rain, sometimes doing battle with outdated key lockboxes or lockboxes placed (strategically?) behind prickly bushes. She guided us through the alien (to us) world of realty and she acted as ad hoc therapist when my wife and I were at odds over what we should be looking for. When we finally found a house and were within a few days of everything finalizing, I called at about 6pm to let her know that my wife's birthday was the following day and asked if there was any chance we might get the keys that day. She said she'd make a call and get back to me within an hour. 15 minutes later she called back and said "it's happening tomorrow!!!" If you are looking for a real estate agent, you will not find one better than Kim McManaman.